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Hear Here project

Hear Here

The Hear Here project is an initiative in the Diocese of Chichester to support those with hearing loss. The project also won the FaithAction Health Award 2018 in the Diocese of Guilford.

The project trains volunteers 'Hearing Champions' in basic hearing aid maintenance, who are the able to offer the community a drop-in clinic, usually held in a pre-existing social event such as a coffee morning or food bank.

Hear Here not only allows churches with mission and outreach into the community (with many attendees coming back just for the companionship!), it provides a service to hearing aid users closer to home (some individuals have to travel over an hour to access this simple but necessary service), it also eases the pressure off the NHS resources and time.

Training sessions on becoming a Hearing Champion are currently being arranged.

Please contact Amber Jackson, Hear Here co-ordinator for more information on hosting a drop-in clinic or to be notified of the next volunteer training session at amber.jackson@chichester.anglican.org or 07384113600

Hearing Champions Training will include:

1. Checking the hearing aid is working

2. Replacing the battery, battery life

3. Cleaning tubes and a fitting new tubing

4. Outline of audiology pathways in your area