Mental Health Awareness, Emerging after Lockdown

This month we will be looking at mental health and sharing plenty of resources. Read today's weekly blog post which explains how Together in Sussex is moving forward and highlighting a few worthwhile resources.

What’s happening in July?

Theme for July:

Mental Health Awareness, Emerging after Lockdown

As churches are beginning to slowly re-open and people to venture out, Together in Sussex will be supporting those struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. Any pre-existing problems are likely to have increased in severity during lockdown, which will also have created new anxieties for many. We’ve all had different experiences and ways of coping during lockdown.

During July, every Wednesday, we deal with a different topic. Every week Together in Sussex will release a range of resources to support you and others to cope with your wellbeing. There are so many resources available on the internet, from many organisations, finding exactly what you need can be difficult. Sorting out what is useful from what is interesting can also take up valuable time.

I want to share with you resources from:

• Mind and Soul Foundation @mindsouluk

• @willvanderhart

• Mind @mind

• Every Mind Matters @OneYouPHE

• Mental Health Access Pack @LiveabilityUK

• @itspremierlife @mindandsouluk

This week

To start, I suggest looking at the Theology of Mental Health, using an article written by Revd Will Vanderhart, Director of Mind and Soul Foundation. You can also watch Will’s Youtube video, where he expands on this important topic. You can access it here.

Next, a guide to What mental health problems are: have produced a valuable resource explaining what causes them and the support available.You can access their document here.

A poster Green for Go, Go for Help. Getting the right support and advice is essential for good mental health, so Together in Sussex, in partnership with the Ecumenical Mental Health Project, has produced a poster identifying a range of support organisations. Download here.

Please share this information so that we can reach out and support as many individuals and communities as possible. If you have any resources you would like to share, please send them to

Blog post by: Elle Weaver, Development Manager and Head of Wellbeing & Mental Health

Downloadable version of this resource can be found below