Heat or Eat

Eat or Heat? Let's share the warmth!

Can you help a family choose to HEAT their home as well as EATING?

FSW’s foodbanks do an amazing job in supporting families who are struggling with food bills. However, they also know that fuel bills are a real worry for many families. During this second lockdown, these are likely to increase significantly, as people spend more time at home. Should a family have to choose between heating or eating? No, but many families have to choose where to spend their money!

If you would like to help and are in receipt of a winter fuel payment and feel able to donate this, it will help families who aren’t eligible for this support. We will be extremely grateful –and so will they!

Donations can be made on our website: https://www.familysupportwork...

Please leave a message after your donation to let us know that this is a winter fuel gift or by sending a cheque, payable to Family Support Work, to our office at Garton House, 22 Stanford Avenue, Brighton BN1 6AA.

Thank you for your help - let’s share the warmth!

Eat or Heat Lets share the warmth

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