16 Days of Activism

Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

A daily blog by Debbie Huxton - TCT’s Modern Slavery Campaigner, with Lichfield Diocese Mothers’ Union and Transforming Communities Together. You can find day 1 here and can access the next 15 days here: https://tctogether.org.uk/what...

Day 1

International Day Of Elimination of Violence Against Women

When it comes to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. 71% of victims exploited are women and sadly when it comes to sexual exploitation that figure increases to 99%

This has to stop, we have to do something.

In reading Genesis 1:27, 31 (NLT)

God created human beings in his own image.

In the image of God, he created them;

male and female, he created them.

Then God looked over all he had made,

and he saw that it was very good!

We have to care about the issue of violence against women in all its forms because we believe that every single person, whether child or adult, female or male, is made in God’s image and is, therefore, valuable and worthy of dignity. Women are not objects nor commodities. They are precious and valued by God and that is His instruction to each of us to value one another. Our hope through our work with Lichfield Diocese Mothers Union and nationally is that we will see women all over the world oppressed, exploited, and abused restored into the fullness of who God created them to be. Creator God, thank you that we are all made in your image, and equally loved by you. Open our eyes to see your face in those of our sisters and brothers. Amen.