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COVID Cash Course

Free Online Financial Training!

Would you like to support your Church Community by providing them with information and resources to support their financial health and wellbeing?

To do this you need to:

Register your interest in becoming a Facilitator to deliver the COVID Cash Course

Attend a free 3 hr online training course

Facilitator Training

Just Finance Foundation COVID Cash Course (CCC) is a free course which trains churches, community leaders, and organisations to provide key information and resources to help their communities cope with the variety of money issues which have arisen due to COVID-19.

Many households across the UK have been thrown into financial chaos due to the Coronavirus. People are unsure of:

  • What they’re entitled to
  • All the options of support that are available (and when they may be finishing)
  • How to plan, budget and cope financially during this period of uncertainty

Generously supported by Allchurches Trust and Nationwide, over 300 churches, charities, organisations and community leaders have so far been trained through COVID Cash Course.

Designed as an information and signposting intervention with Capital Mass and Transforming Communities Together; Covid Cash Course aims to prevent the financial challenges posed by the Coronavirus from causing crisis in local communities.