Meet Anti-Modern-Day Slavery Ambassador, Revd Lizzi Green

We recently interviewed one of our Anti-Modern-Day Slavery Ambassadors, Revd Lizzi Green, who we would like to thank for her strength in opening up so transparently about her experiences and sharing her passion and future goals as a slavery ambassador. See what she has to say…

Why did you choose to become a modern-day slavery ambassador?

My experience of modern-day slavery is particularly personal - a difficult adolescence led me into a relationship that I thought was love, but that I've come since to realise was a lot more about using me for sexual exploitation. It was a church lay worker who recognised what was going on and supported me to escape that situation - for which I'm so grateful. That experience gave me the passion for this work and the deep and profound belief that Christians who believe in the liberating love of Christ cannot escape the clarion call of God to be involved in the abolition of Modern Day Slavery.

What are your goals for this role?

Long term, I simply want modern-day slavery to be eradicated. That's a huge ask, and it's only possible if we all take action. So in the short term, I want to help others to hear that call to liberate the slaves - to share awareness, to raise my (very loud) voice, and to give people the tools to take their own action.

Something I didn't know about modern-day slavery before I started this role - I was aware that there are about 40.3 million slaves across the world. I hadn't realised that this number is actually just under the population of Ukraine - somehow that brought it home to me in a whole new way.

What should people do if they suspect modern-day slavery?

If you are concerned you may have spotted modern-day slavery, the most important advice I can give you is to DO SOMETHING. Call 999 if a person is in immediate danger, or somewhere like the UK Modern Day Slavery and Exploitation Helpline on 08000 121 700 if you need some advice.

Slavery flourishes in silence. It's because someone dared to speak out that I'm here doing this job today.

Your action, your phone call, could change the world for someone.”

We look forward to reporting back on Lizzies’ and fellow ambassadors’ work as they progress in their incredible roles.

Thank you to all who are helping fight modern slavery in action, education and raising awareness.

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