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Mothers Union and Modern Slavery: Making Sussex Safer

Quotes and Actions from Chichester Mothers’ Union

“The idea of Modern Day Slavery being able to thrive today is abhorrent to us all. How does this happen? The Mothers’ Union membership in Chichester Diocese is following a programme to heighten the awareness to this problem - To take our blinkers off”.

“Every Branch is being asked to get members into groups of Covid-19 six and to work through a short 20-minute talk; to get the necessary information to recognise the signs of slavery. Each one of us will then tell one other person of the signs to watch out for; this might be a grandchild who uses a nail bar, a friend who is visiting a relative in a care home etc......”

“Members already have a card with how to report anything they see or hear; and we have already enfolded this in prayer.”

“We may have greying hair, but sometimes that is a good thing. We can quietly watch the beggar on the street after all what is unusual about an older person sitting on a bench”.

“Younger people trust older people and will tell them things they won’t tell others. They expect us to engage them in conversation, if we know what to watch out for, we are more likely to spot any trafficking between nursing homes.”

You can help tackle modern slavery;

You can help catch those responsible;

You can help safeguard victims.

Mothers Union has produced the We See You poster, click on link below to download, print and display in your church and home?

We See You poster

“At a national level Mothers’ Union have gone into partnership with The Clewer Initiative. To be able to spread the word with “Together in Sussex”, is incredible; after all the more people who know about the signs of Modern Day Slavery the more, we can stamp out this offence against humanity.

The Mothers Union 20-minute talk: Mother Union Modern Slavery Talk

The Clewer Initiative: Car Wash App

The Clewer Initiative: Farm Worker Welfare App

God- our constant friend of all time, help all women, men and children who are used, in trafficking to find in your arms, the love and respect that they have been denied.

When people have been trafficked across the world, treated as slaves, and exploited mercilessly – Be there for them in their darkest hours.

May their vision of the world still hold a glimmer of hope.

May we, through Christ working in us, fight for an end to trafficking

And an end to any abuse In which the weak or vulnerable are exploited by the strong. Amen.

The prayers we breathe no 148 Trafficking