Sign up to the Friendly Places Pledge

There is no health without mental health!

St Saviour’s Church signs up to the Friendly Places Pledge.

The Diocese Vision for Growth 2020 – 2025 has been launched. Our Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing says "I believe that becoming a more mental health friendly church can demonstrate your commitment to the FOUR MORES strategy."

Faith Action have compiled some practical ideas on how you could make your church more inclusive and supportive to those who are going through difficult times with their mental health. You can sign up to the Friendly Places Pledge, where your church makes a commitment to be a place, which welcomes and supports those struggling with their mental health.

Mental health is just as important as our physical health. Like our bodies, our minds change and develop throughout our lives. And, like our bodies, our minds can become unwell. One in four of us is likely to visit our GP in connection with mental ill-health concerns. Every faith community contains people who have experienced or experiencing mental health challenges.

There is a significant and positive role for our church to play in support of people with mental health challenges - both within our congregations and in the wider community. It’s crucial that a church draws those with mental health challenges, as with others, into a place of genuine relationship.

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