Upcoming Event - Diocesan Environment Day on 15th June

There will be a diocesan environment day on 15th June 2024 at St Mark’s Holbrook near Horsham. Speakers include Revd Buff Stone, Diocesan Environment Officer and Karen Park, A Rocha UK Speaker - Responding to the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

The aim of the day is to find out what your church can do to respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergency and equip us to care for God's creation. Great speakers, signposts to resources and workshops to choose from. June 15th at St Mark's Holbrook. 10-4 pm.

Choose 3 of these 8 workshops

1. Managing Church Buildings - Dr Emma Arbuthnot, Diocese of Chichester Senior Church Buildings & Pastoral Reorganisation Officer

2. Managing Church Land - Martin Pett, Eco Church Co-ordinator, Trinity Church, Lewes, A Rocha UK Speaker

3. Eco-Anxiety and Sustaining Hope - Laura Steven, Diocese of Chichester Head of Wellbeing for Clergy and Families - Discussing how anxiety is a natural response to threat and exploring ways of sustaining hope and resilience in ourselves, our children and communities.

4. Why Biodiversity Matters - Helen Hicks

5. Eco Worship - Rev Jules Middleton, Vicar, St Edwards Church, Burgess Hill

6. Getting Your Message Across - Lisa Williamson, Diocesan Communications and Engagement Officer

7. Eco Church Parish and Deanery Champions - Rev Buff Forbes Stone, Diocesan Environment Officer

8. Working Together to Make a Difference - Karen Park, Eco Church Champion, St Mark’s, Holbrook - Discussing how churches, community groups, councils and others can work together to make a difference.

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